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AustrapharmVN is a pharmaceutical company with representative offices located in Australia, USA, and Vietnam. AustrapharmVN was established in 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City (Business Certificate No. 0302064627 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment on July 31, 2000).

1. Vision and mission:

Initially, we are a small private company which operate in import, distribution and wholesaling within the territory of Vietnam. Over the time, AustrapharmVN has been developing rapidly following the leap of the Vietnamese economy, expanding its scope of activities outside the territory of Vietnam.

AustrapharmVN does not expect to become a top pharmaceutical company in Vietnam or all over the world. We do not set a target to have products of the best quality or of highest technology. We would just like to supply products that bring health, hope and happiness to consumers, with quality that comes from our heart. This means that the quality of our products is not the best but It’s like a symphony which is not the most famous one, but performed by the hearts and love of the whole band, to reach the highest possible level of emotion.

We do not aim at profit purpose as the top priority. God gives us life . We all are born with empty hands and also the same when we pass away. Only the Love is eternal yesterday, today and forever. It would be great if AustrapharmVN distribute the products together with a priceless gift from God. That is Love. Life will pass away  but Love never ends for those who believe it.

Therefore, our business and production slogan is: "Quality where it counts"

2. Human Resource

Starting with a few employees, Our distribution team now have more than 150 employees with a professional marketing team of 99 people, our production team have more than 60 employees.

Our company has many experts with many years of experience in the medical pharmaceutical field, financial management, some of them have worked for international organizations.

3. Distribution and products

AustrapharmVN is a company that distributes drugs and health products for many manufacturers from Korea, USA, Thailand and Vietnam. We have been distributing over 60 pharmaceutical products to many joint stock companies, limited companies, hospitals, clinics and many other wholesale suppliers.

We have set up a nationwide distribution channel and our products are present in over 60 provinces in Vietnam. AustrapharmVN directly distributes and markets 60 products over the country. We have direct commercial relationships with almost all hospitals and retail pharmacies over the country.

4. Media Activities

AustrapharmVN has successfully organized many conferences of product introduction with the participation of leading experts, nurses, doctors, pharmacists and longtime customers of the company: Scientific seminars on Lactomin at Omni hotel, Air-X Workshop at Continental Hotel in 2010, Workshop on probiotics in 2013 at Legend Hotel, Seminars on probiotics with modern pharmaceutical technology in 2019 in HCM,  accompanying with marketing activities on the internet, newspapers, social networks ... so that customers can access  the useful health information and the information of our products.

5. Development path

In 2003, we established a joint venture with Mebiphar, a 100% state-owned pharmaceutical factory. Besides, we carry out the new technology transfer (microencapsulated probiotics, water activity, nitrogen encapsulation ...) to this joint venture and to other factories.

The Mebiphar-Austrapharm Joint Venture Factory has obtained certain achievements in the overall development of the pharmaceutical industry over the years: launching Probiotics products with novel technology (Nitrogen Packing , controlling water activity ), Probiotics with gene-coding identity, Probiotics protected by novel pharmaceutical technology, pioneering products with OPCs (antioxidant).


 2000: Austrapharm of Vietnam (AustrapharmVN) was established in 2000

3: Representative offices in Australia - USA - Vietnam

60+: Present in over 60 provinces of Vietnam

150: The Distribution team with more than 150 employees, experts in the fields of pharmaceuticals, finance

100: Distributing to more than 100 wholesale companies and suppliers

60+: Distributing more than 60 products all over the country

4: Distribution of products from Korea, Thailand, America, Vietnam

2003: the Mebiphar-Austrapharm joint venture factory was established in 2003

2000-2020: 20  years of pioneer products – The following products have the pioneering compositions launched the first time in Viet Nam over 20 years ago

+ The microencapsulated probiotics with the brand "LACTOMIN"

+ Products containing single ingredient "Simethicone" (Anti-flatulence), with the brand "AIR-X"




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  (84-8) 38 447 829
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